Monday, August 5, 2013

I Told Them; I'm Good!! PT.2

Whats the deal?  please!! I heard what was said.. I had to tell a joker I'm good!

 I didn't want what they had for sale!! like Al Qaeda leaders jokers were plotting and they can probably tell I'm hood! these systems aren't fail safe!! I told them its gotta be good or I would be at the service desk! I didn't tailgate at hell's gate even though football season is here!!  The Cowboys beat the Dolphins...whats up son? check the grey area it due to the deliberate falsehood?  please!! check these clearance rack epiphanies..I'm at your service with this! 

Jokers hate;  acting false in the hood....interference like NFL cornerbacks?

Brokers debate;  whats the relevance? whats  true or false?  whats good?  pass or fail?  like up in Louisville were chilling on the corner;  were back! 

At any rate..we bring order back;  cleaning things up like a custodian!

Similar to the Mars Curiosity Rover when skating down I-20 in Atlanta on a Saturday night;  Night Dreamer when listening to Wayne Shorter? we crossed the border..were back from West Coasting!

Jokers are stressed...they're out of order!! still bragging and boasting like Alex Rodriguez even though they're suspended for 211 games... 

Jokers are blessed..but still swagging...Love Rollercoasting like Ohip Players...rolling 7 and 11 in the crap games..

Jokers confessed...swagger jacking..bragging in these rap one of the originals DMC goes at Lil Wayne and Jay-Z..

Broken beats and English test the masses..class is in session when the blackjack is swinging...check the fresh view fresh was I living? I told them..I'm good!! but the smoke and mirrors made everything hazy..

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