Saturday, August 10, 2013

All Up In The Spot / The Saga / Struggle Continues..Once Again

Were all up in the spot; whats the deal?  its like the Whitey Bulger jury deliberating..I told little homie the saga  / struggle continues! 

Making it real compared to what?  per Les McCann and or even  John Legend and the Roots;  we went back to our rocking these venues! 

Faking it until you make it?  whats? please!!  no deal!!  time is wasted ..gaining understanding from the urban legend was crucial!

....especially during critical stages of development; who will work with a bruh? 

...As we get with you;  breaking the ice like a ship in the Arctic Ocean!

...As we get with you; spotted others breaking through the ice after skating with sharp skates on due to global warming; they had the wrong notion! 

Witches and warlocks had the wrong potions and elixirs!! it was grape kool aid like Jim Jones! 

Blue collar with it...dug ditches....PA systems rock Billy Ocean soundtracks while I was working at K-Mart...whats the colour of love? was it green per observing the scene? now dropping this good word plus adjusting bass, treble and tones...

Its about a dollar..whose with it? who knocks the hustle? ...once gambling in Victory Park up in Louisville until the crackdown..residing in high crime zones? 

O-Dizzle rocks;  the saga / struggle continues;  O-Zone wasn't fooling with those clones! 

....not fooling with those drones either!!  as they float around like its Yemen! 

....even though were all up in the spot...the saga / struggle continues;  once again its on!! thats whats up...thats whats happening..!




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