Monday, August 19, 2013

"Everybody Ain't Able" / "Everybody Ain't Stable" PT.3

Check the perspective...especially with the Aquarius Full Moon; seriously look at things with a fresh view fresh vision; you'll see  "everybody ain't able"

The Lord is blessing us!!  don't disrespect it!! but its just what I expected....check the unrest in Egypt..."everybody ain't stable" 

Circumstances are debatable;  being built or torn down? that was the question asked those mechanical engineers! 

But I'm not rocking hardhats and lime green safety Rocawear gear a brotha rests....through the universe?  the mothership a bruh steers! 

A hater loathes and fears!! then they'll "get janky with it" ...getting foul!! ATL crimies aka ATL smash and grabbers said they're the best...but I'm not in that sport! 

As I approach this!! I'm  representing the rank and foul like unions did....before power was diluted...I'm trying to reach you in this sport! this was Bleacher Report or somebody..the truth is not disputed...this is whats up with a bruh! 

Meanwhile the preacher turned some off!!  he was all about the money...too corporate!!  cutting deals like Mubarak  getting out of how are you living? old girl said everybody ain't able! 

Who started it? tires screech as the old 60's model deuce and a quarter dipped down Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia!

Who started it? empires striking back?  saw dude on Candler Rd in the gold and black dashiki..back into history?  he slipped down! that's what goes down in Georgia...

But its similar to the cat on Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte with the Jheri Curl and polyester slacks!

 Everybody ain't able / everybody ain't stable;  as you see?  NSA tracks!

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