Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Everybody Ain't Able" / "Everybody Ain't Stable"

Using a fresh view / fresh vision to look at everything..damn!! I see that "everybody ain't able"

How were we living during the grey area scenarios  caused by the smoke and mirrors?  like Kanye West I see everybody ain't stable! 

Grey area / bay area scenarios revealed that everybody didn't believe the fable....Oakland cut up after the George Zimmerman verdict!! some are disappointed! 

Whose fair with these and those?  I even felt the pressure..but I'm not mad because I wasn't anointed! 

Systems were disjointed!! damn!!  they weren't built right!! I saw cats in hardhats and lime green safety vests...but the mechanical engineering was flawed!

ATL players said they're double jointed!! rocking lime green or neon outfits as they pimped through  / limped through!! but player haters said their game was flawed! 

Roy Ayers played in the background...Everybody Loves The O-Dizzle clawed his way back in the game!! but it wasn't a simple thing! 

"Everybody ain't able" that's the dizzle!! who can you blame?  you have to do the damn thing! 

Technique sweaters didnt take Eric B and Rakims swollen!!  meals were stomach bloaters!

Hot sweaters were worn in July..Erick Sermon told them to take them off!! some did the knowledge!! now rocking!! but others were controversial like veteran swift boaters! 

 Some don't understand the code we they can't quote us .... "everybody ain't able"

Caught out there in the system / matrix....some act cool...but they fake it.. everybody ain't stable!

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