Friday, December 9, 2022

What's The Word On The Curb? (Part Ten)


We're coming through with this word on the curb on this Fabulous Friday! y'all heard me say previously it's a blessing to be here!

Is this word on the curb / word in the wind monitored by the thought, fashion or even the morality police? they even say Twitter was acting bitter with the shadow banning, when will the madness cease? it's rough out here!

Has it always been this way as we reflect on this Flashback Friday? sometimes chilling all up in a dark place;  Halloween has been over but I guess we belong to the haunted. 

But all up in this race? work was put in as we did the knowledge /  studied the word on the curb; we still gathered / hunted. 

We're on it with this so called magpie sonnet, check it out as it gives a blow by blow description..

..of the ongoing madness / word on the curb; the scene? we observed now ready to roll as we rebel, so we'll keep living. 

Oh yes we keep living, on this Flashback Friday we admit we tried to ride back down memory lane but the ride was bumpy!

Now per our HumpDay Extravaganza episodes we beat witness to what getting over the hump will be!

Please believe me, we were caught up in it running through a gauntlet was a way to describe it!

The word on the curb was transmitted by jokers similar to those in the Nissan Frontier still rocking the Trump Pence sticker as the plot gets thicker and thicker; nefarious ones like that I couldn't vibe with!

This word on the curb / word in the wind?  like Brittney Griner back home we're all the way live with it on local  / national  / international and intergalactic frontiers. 

It's Going Down like this! The mothership? To a safe haven / safe harbor your brotha steers!

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