Thursday, December 22, 2022

Oh!! So Its Like That Huh? (Part Ten)


Oh! so it's like that huh? on this Thankful Thursday it's a blessing to be here but check the state of emergency as storms roamed the sky, like Larry Munson told the Georgia Bulldogs they told us to hunker down.

The question; per HAARP renderings is it man made? Oh! O-Dog? a veteran in the game who played in previous Throwback Thursday episodes  can see how the game is played, even out in space junk is found

Oh! so it's like that huh? check out the ongoing charade, we already mentioned inclement weather as cruel winter winds blow.

Polar vortex? apparently, the sport? complex, made more complicated per man's attack on the environment; the tragic betrayal!

 We move on to the next even though they kept talking about this ongoing climate change!

Per Christmas Carols heard during this holiday season is Jack Frost nipping at your nose? its not strange!

 It's business as usual as we shift into Capricorn season!!  but a few months ago we dealt with the flip side, the extreme heat!

Oh!! so it's like that huh? check the season, now caught up in this or that snowstorm nationwide, canopies of snowdrifts!

Oh!! so it's like that huh? during this season some are dealing with depression, feeling some kind of way; to be consumed within? a prime example was provided.

. A dark premonition spelling out the upcoming mission?  with reality? it collided.

Oh!! so it's like that huh?  this or that episode? they confided with us telling us  a story of victory and loss!

 Oh!! so it's like that huh? the revelation? they could bear witness, told us even love has thorns!

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