Friday, December 30, 2022

De La Soul– Say No Go (Say No Dope Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per this  Fabulous Friday /  Flashback Friday conjunction as we do our due diligence / function;  it's going down...

Digital? analog?  the saga /struggle continues!! I lash back about how they play you and  me!! damn!! you can't see how it goes down?

O-Dog checked the menus from these Hell's Kitchen establishments; over at the neighborhood Walmart meth heads / crack addicts and Jehovah Witnesses hustling for loose change and loose souls; damn!! the meals have always been this way...

Checked these venues in the Metro Atlanta from Snellville to Kennesaw, as I smell weed coming from passing cars so what's up y'all? a coping strategy for dealing with this world? round and round we go until our banishment from this hostile territory!! until then?  we'll continue to pray...    

We're rocking these venues as I try to tell y'all something with this good word and check out the sound!! 

That's how we get down!!  it's just a coping strategy because the madness didn't stop!! it's going down!!

So how will we get down? we were hip hopping earlier so we're keeping that same vibe going, listening to this De La Soul track called  Say No Go (Say No Dope Mix)

We're setting this Friday Night Fever off still handling Flashback Friday business and at the same time still getting breakbeat scientific business!!

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