Friday, December 2, 2022

What's The Word On The Curb? (Part Seven)


I was analyzing the information to find the prognosis, I even looked into the past on this Flashback Friday. 

What's the word on the curb? what's the word in the wind? like San Francisco police using robots that kill how will the system try to play? 

The dude Brotha O had to take time to pray, the flow is interrupted by the devil and his advocates like its thrombosis. 

Naysayers made accusations like it's Kanye West talking crazy according to the word on the curb; they want to see us take a fall, and they claim it all started with us. 

But the shadows undone, what's done in the dark comes to light as entities / enemies are revealed. 

Poetic justice from Brotha O is administered per these poetic melodies, plus like Kentucky liquor / moonshine / whiskey, good music is distilled.  

I chilled out in Pluto / Mars intergalactic settings after being on Atlanta,  Louisville / Newburg or Josie aka Johannesburg  default settings but per the word on the curb I was warned; invaders approach they told me there's renegade stars in your domain..

..occupied by extraterrestrials / aliens, acting extra / flagrant ones; trying to unmask my soul?

The word on the curb said they want to settle the score, something about lands stolen while we were out there trying to get open; do I know pain?

I was asked as the weaponry blasts; I'm trying to maintain but my space? they want control. 

My weaponry will blast in response, O-Dog will drop that intergalactic funk on them. 

Celebrating life on this Fabulous Friday it's a blessing to be here! Brotha O is fast breaking on the enemy, I might even dunk on them!

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