Sunday, December 11, 2022

Soulslider - Jenny's Babe

Sunday Jazz Continues as we come through on a wet Sunday afternoon here in Atlanta!

We're dropping this down like an NASA / Orion / Artemis spacecraft not, spaced out when we drop this math somebody will understand a brotha!

But sometimes I wonder where did the mothership land a brotha? when I got here I peeped game, I wasn't asleep in the game; if anyone had been watching Trump aka  the mutineer  and his fellow insurrectionists would have been spotted!

Oh!! they were talking a good game plus weapons? stockpiling them, plus they schemed / plotted.

 Arrested, no rest for the weary believing the latest conspiracy theory, running out of reasons for the treasons, the clock ticked / tocked.

Contributions aka bail money? oh no! I told them "I Can't Do Nuttin For Ya Man"  like Flavor Flav and Public Enemy but I found it in my pocket.

 The sound? we're using / rocking it as we drop this house / future jazz from Soulslider  with a track called Jenny's Babe. 

Let's keep it moving y'all; Let's Get It / Let's Go!! Sunday Jazzing and O-Dog Dau Partying simultaneously check the flavor!


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