Monday, October 3, 2022

We Still Have A Different Vision (Part One)

 At the end of the day? on this Monday morning or actually any day we’re still trying to maintain but we realized we still have a different vision!

How were we trying to play? we disconnected from the mainframe now we’re shadow dancing like Andy Gibbs of The BeeGees or even the DeeGees version during this Mercury retrograde shadow period, so this is a whole different version!

But still shadow boxing the apparatus due to algorithms that led to shadow banning! we still do what we do, our mission? provide flavor / salt the earth…

…especially since we’re salt of the earth, actually working with salt and light check the insight, even though some want us to fall by the wayside. Enter if you dare was the warning! we’re still coming through with a different vision so what’s it all worth? We’re caught up in the mix impressed by the tangible illusions, some say trivial pursuits but we’re still in pursuit of freedom so down the rabbit hole / through the portal we slide!

For freedom? we still ride but we’re peeping game not sleeping in the game; our intuition is working overtime something’s coming, but is it good or bad? I checked out the soulful revelry!
Jokers were like Prince partying like it’s 1999 but don’t get it twisted; we still had a different vision knowing the details are where the devil will be. You’ll get a taste of hell, maybe even a different version; like Charles Bronson’s Death Wish or the one like Trump vs Mitch McConnell? the atmosphere? poison! Coping strategies fail, measured responses to the madness couldn’t get us over the hump / stop the spell now like I said earlier it’s all about freedom. 

Some said they’re free; I see them and wouldn’t want to be them! once the stock market and bitcoins crash they’ll be Down Here On The Ground per George Benson!

Like me, I know what it do / what it does / what it be / how the struggle will be due to having a different vision!

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