Friday, October 7, 2022

We Still Have A Different Vision (Part Three)

 We mentioned having a different perspective earlier, it’s accompanied by a different vision as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Scattered thoughts are collected based on how we’re living, it’s a blessing to be here on this Fabulous Friday! somebody will understand a brotha!

The dots are connected but some with a different vision were disrespected; now they’re melancholy , hiding out down in Georgia in a cabin behind the peach orchard.

Like Trump insurrectionists bum rushing the Capitol that folly / caper was a failure, a different version of reality but damn what did they expect? it’s complex, that’s how the sport will get. Win / lose, even win, place and show like Churchill Downs up in Louisville; it’s the deal time and again, now some are left confused! Authorities lost them during the surveillance, they didn’t have a cell phone and they weren’t on social media bragging; old technology was used!

Others had a different vision, old psychology was used! even though per the Flashback Friday reference Rev. James Cleveland sang about it peace wouldn’t be still! movements made throughout the earth? we all felt the tremors.
Others had a different version, maybe somebody will believe them; psychologists say it’s probably anxiety from these looming episodes. Heard the catch phrase after I kept living per the advice from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville; where there’s smoke there’s fire, it made sense to us. As we move to the next phase per the Isley Brothers we realize it’s no joke, soon we’re all in defense mode.

Another old school Flashback Friday reference as we show benevolence dropping this breakbeat science!

It’s based on having a different vision based on how we’re living per our interpretations / reading the signs.

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