Friday, October 28, 2022

Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? ) Part Four

 They were talking a good game like a politician sounding like Chuck Schumer worried about Georgia during these ongoing Mid-Term Elections, but then they told us don’t worry about it!

They even told us we’re worried about the wrong thing, but as I was peeping game it’s like a dark room and somebody turned the lights on now roaches are scurrying about!

Coaches were going all out they had a plan! can they motivate Tom Brady?  their players aka constituents waited in the dark, with shadows in the mist.

Something encroached on them / something extra / something shady / some kind of ill vibes; what? per Halloween, is that graveyard dust? Somebody said don’t worry about it but who can we trust? not that guide with the haunted eyes.. ..with luminescence; the daughter of chaos was on the premises! surrender to love she said but then she taunted us with lies!

She collaborated with the arch nemesis who happened to be on the premises; y'all didn't here those cries? please! we already heard those empty promises that turned into lies!

They told us don’t worry about it, or that we’re worried about the wrong thing; told to continue our pursuit of the prize!

Wow! but I was too busy worried about our demise; those early morning dreams had me tripping! What? like Obama coming to Atlanta to help Stacy Abrams and Rev. Raphael Warnock, these politicians making cameo appearances in their ads and at rallies we're these naysayers making cameo confessions? Please!! telling us don’t worry about it they’ll make things right, now we know for a fact that they won’t marinade in regret! I wake up on this Fabulous Friday fortified! told them I’m not worried about them they should worry about me! them doing the right thing? I’m not holding my breath waiting for that moment.

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