Monday, October 17, 2022

We Still Have A Different Vision (Part Seven)

 As this Monday morning pulled up on us it just confirmed that we have a different vision. 

We’re "going on with are bad selves"  per the old school vernacular, outcomes spectacular? like the old school preacher up in Louisville said we’ll have to keep living!

We’re already blessed and highly favored per the Clark Sisters but of course others have a different vision; animalistic hunger? it’s rough out here so it’s exhibited..

..along with thirst; some are trying to be all they can be per the old school Army commercial or Be Best per Melanie Trump! number one or first? encouraged to go get it! Chasing the flavor of the month until the flavor bursts! some are out here seeking love, others money and power. Oh yeah! Money, Power and Respect like The Lox featuring Lil Kim and DMX! it’s pleasing, but the sport is complex now some are screaming; it’s rough climbing that mountain or even just that tower!

As that last hour of Armageddon Approaches per Russian fronting and flexing about nuclear weapons the madness is increasing, something we were expecting!

Along the Watchtower like Jimi Hendrix type knowledge is dropped per having a different vision as society keeps disrespecting!

Check it out, there’s a lot of plotting and scheming; jokers are on code like Ron Johnson, to that joker Herschel Walker and of course Marjorie Taylor Greene on this weekend’s debates per GOP talking points; foolishness? it’s all going down behind the curtain. Venomous whispers? oh yes! No Careless Whispers per Wham and George Michael y’all should know how it go! please believe me we heard them! Y’all should know what the deal is! they had a different vision! those must be the sins of an unquiet mind. Per our different vision we let you know what the deal is with those devil’s advocates; they’ll light the unholy inferno, so unkind!

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