Sunday, October 30, 2022

Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? ) Part Five

 On this Sunday morning? we were reminded to not worry about it, told don’t worry about it! have faith!

But it’s rough out here, it’s hard to swim through these treacherous waters full of sharks and piranhas and come out unscathed!

Told not to worry about it or sometimes told I was worried about the wrong thing but it’s rough out here! per Scorpio Season? those winds of change carried me here, I blew into this land of gloom.

Soulless smiles exhibited by these citizens, O-Jay’s Backstabber style plus other jokers were living plus I heard talk of doom. The theme song? War’s Four Cornered Room; that vibe seemed contagious, like Covid-19 or Influenza A! I’m glad I’m vaccinated!

Ignoring that trickery, courageous with the supreme courage and maximum strength while gullible ones get caught up, they were fascinated.

They were told don’t worry about it’s all good in the hood or out in these woods but now look at them!

They were told don’t worry about it or you’re worried about the wrong thing, soon that crook had them!

They told us come! was it like Trump inviting the insurrectionists? they told us we’re going to love it! wonder awaits us! But they’ll say don’t worry about it then hold us hostage, caught up in the system / matrix with them and it all goes sideways; now it’s the zombie apocalypse! Collateral damage? there’s plenty, corporations say it’s the cost of doing business like this ongoing inflation, check the situation as dark truths are exposed! Check the shifting / drifting hybrid emotions, from politicians with notions who bamboozled and hoodwinked their constituents, soon on January 6th, 2021 some couldn’t stay composed.

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