Saturday, October 22, 2022

We Still Have A Different Vision (Part Ten)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per our Saturday Night Fever edition, but excuse us as we pause for the cause! 

The saga / struggle continues, let the music play is the motto / movement; mood improvement? it's all good! it’s usually accompanied by this word that’s good showing that we’re down for the cause! 

Excuse me for having a different vision per being "all hood" as I play this thing on Louisville / Newburg default settings / the Lord is blessing when we be ourselves!! we're just breakbeat scientific representatives..

Lose me with the chaos and confusion, "it ain't my fault"; worldwide events are manipulated by those that lack benevolence!

Check out matters concerning Ukraine or wherever you’re chilling but we’re just trying to maintain; losing me as I stay in my lane out on I-20 in Atlanta in the Ford Fusion trying to chill out..

We're taking it down a thousand after O- Dog Day Partying earlier! that good music will play as we purge the negativity, get it all out!

Check us out as we continue to go all out as Libra season comes to a close and we shift into Scorpio season.

Bear witness to the different vision, please! we’re ready to roll we’re on our way but we know how the sport will go, it’s full of treason!

Authorities? hostile is how they'll make these territories check the hostile takeover!! some will collaborate with the enemy, soon due to snitching they’ll pick apart secrets revealed. Authorities? just a bunch of politicians with different visions making empty promises per GOP talking points, they were so delightfully deceiving! Due to us having a different vision we ran the arch nemesis off the premises but others were caught up in the system / matrix! it didn’t surprise gatekeepers so they chilled. Based on how jokers are living they’ll deal with a haunting at the gates; par for the course for those that kept believing!

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