Monday, October 10, 2022

We Still Have A Different Vision (Part Four)

 We’re blessed to see another Monday morning, although some will be stressed by the proceedings that are ongoing!

We still have a different vision, based on how we’re living / out here going for what we’re knowing!

Reality? unforgiving, your dude is already knowing! some are out here waiting as the darkness returns! the Aries Full Moon didn’t help plus Fall is here so it’s that season.

Who’s lost? the ongoing smoke and mirrors was a factor so strangers in the fog had a reason. For what? like government officials neither confirming or denying they’re exercising the somber silence. Plus they kept their guard up; exercising power is what’s up! many out here will show malice.

We still have a different vision, the palace is protected! we’re keeping the arch nemesis off the premises!

They have a different vision that we’re not feeling like a politician making empty promises!

Please! it’s rough out here! soon that haunted soul will be like an incoherent Trump at the rallies talking about stolen elections! they’ll feel like howling at this Aries Full Moon. Karma hit that smooth talker, out of pocket like that loser Tommy Tuberville or even Herschel Walker out here following the GOP game plan supposedly Christian Nationalists but actually evoking sin. Damn! The DOJ is trying to chalk up a victory concerning stolen secret documents but The Witching Season is full of treason. Damned if he did or didn’t? Brotha O is still coming through with a different vision! he said getting breakbeat scientific is the reason.

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