Wednesday, October 5, 2022

We Still Have A Different Vision (Part Two)

We’re still trying to get over the hump! like Ukraine trying to reclaim their territory from Putin and Russia we’re trying to reclaim our time like Maxine Waters in a congressional hearing!

Check out this HumpDay Extravaganza, so named because we had a different vision but still battling those loathing and fearing. 

Or is it fear and loathing like in Las Vegas? some will try to fake us like Trump lawyers filing motions to delay justice? check us out we're out here rolling, but some will undermine the rhythm!

We’re ready to roll, we’re on our way but like rush hour traffic out here on I-20 in Atlanta somebody is always in the way; The System told them Don’t Disturb This Groove! 

 We still have a different vision but they’re in the way, like Main Source said they’re faking the funk / the vibe they’re killing! But while getting together another episode of the Outback Chronicles per raking in this fall weather, we noticed the dancing leaves busting a move!

Y’all get it together was the critique received from naysayers so we had to exercise power! we’re sliding through the portal filling the void! so, welcome to the void is what they told us.
But due to having a different vision we were wise to the whole setup, we made a harrowing escape from those trying to fold us. Those chasing a dollar sold us out! having a fresh view / fresh vision made us realize these portals are no joke, per the polar vortex vibe cold is the feeling. But the sport is still played, even though it’s complex, we’re trying to keep living. 

Plus we keep giving this breakbeat scientific product, this good word and the sound!

It’s based on having a different vision; at the end of the day? this is how it’s going down!

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