Saturday, July 23, 2022

Sat Night Sessions Vol. 33 (Tech House)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday afternoon; it’s a good time to set this O-Dog Day Party off. 

We’re out here broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, we’re going off!

On this Saturday afternoon? catch me out here going off! energized!! drinking from the fountain of twilight. Was chilling out writing this good word, left the chantry and Sun’s apricity, mentioned the temperatures rising, not just here in Atlanta but worldwide but it's still a cold world!! now check this nocturnal insight. Dropping this good word!! check out these pleasantries dropped from a city of hope. Check the sound, feel these breakbeat scientific methods! it’s just a strategy to cope...

...for those at the end of the rope; I mentioned nocturnal insight earlier, check out these  Sat Night Sessions Vol. 33 (Tech House) courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!!

Check out the playlist and the mix!! what more can I say about this? nothing, we're just jamming!! 


 1. Codes - Les Do This (Truth x Lies Remix) 

2. Pig Snatchers & Mikey T - Your Number 

3. Gary Caos - Sax Love 

4. Andruss & Dmitri Saidi - Everybody Dance Now 

5. Warp Brothers - Phatt Bass (David Novacek Extended Remix)

 6. James Hype & Tita Lau - Disconnected 

7. Tom Santa - Rainfall 

8. Malone - Time To Move 

9. Westend - Lollipop 

10. Flashmob - Discombination 

11. Pig Snatchers & M-Staffs - Reach For The Sky 

12. Dale Howard - The Beat 

13. Lissat & Voltaxx - On Your Feet (Groovebox Remix) 

14. BLOND:ISH, Francis Mercier, Amadou & Mariam - Sete

15. Diskotape - Lose Control 

16. Mark Knight vs Mr. Roy - Something About U 

17. Moreno Pezzolato & Kevin McKay - 1,2 Step 

18. Gary Caos - Long Way 

19. Ben Hemsley - Blind 

20. Lucid - I Can't Help Myself (Tenacious 2021 Rework) 

21. Deeperlove - So Many Times 

22. Deeperlove - Renegade Master (Back Once Again) (Hutcher Extended Remix)


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