Saturday, July 2, 2022

Doing The Knowledge / Jumping and Recognizing (Part Eight)

 Many are maxing and relaxing on this Fourth of July Holiday Weekend but you can catch us out here still doing the knowledge. 

Jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern, traveling on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts! the mothership gets good mileage!

Doing the knowledge, intergalactic like the Webb Telescope but it’s a mystery; while way way out there like the Atlas V Rocket I noticed more asteroids out than usual.

The vibe is crazy / hectic / chaotic! was the galaxy on steroids? it’s unusual! Out there! the iPhone or even the android phone is a controller as I sat on the sofa.. the mothership; lights blink on the instrument panel we're trying to manipulate things but didn’t underestimate the gravity of the situation or it’s game over!

A brotha gets scientific doing the knowledge, noticed that game is not over for some, the queen had eyes like diamonds, so you know attention was gained. Gold miners with hard hats and lime green safety vests made debonair promises, oh yes the words rained. Dangerous minds? would they finesse their way into the complex sport / contest / circus? No admission paid in the ongoing charade? a true player for real, it’s a mystery how he worked this!
But we’re on a mission, doing the knowledge / jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern!

We’re on a mission from Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg to Pluto to Mars and Saturn!

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