Sunday, July 10, 2022

Ulysses Owens Jr. - Good And Terrible

Sunday Jazz Continues!! I don't know what the deal is but on a Sunday afternoon / evening?  your dude is in a mood for some jazz.

The saga / struggle continues!! actually I've been this way since the Louisville  Tobe Howard 1350  WLOU days; might be aging myself but I go on with my bad self I'm not out here trying to spaz!!

The saga / struggle continues!! your dude will exercise power as I proceed and continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

We're coming through showing gratitude check the attitude; it's a blessing to be here!! like Tuesday, Terrible or Terrific? we'll deal with it!!

We're coming through checking out this cut from the Ulysses Owens Jr. Quintet  called Good and the Unanimous  album that came out in 2012...

Check out the players and the track!! y'all should know what the deal is we're getting open as we pull this sound off the shelf!

 The Ulysses Owens Jr.Quintet consists of ......

Ulysses Owens Composer, Drums, Primary Artist

 Nicholas Payton Trumpet

 Jaleel Shaw Sax (Alto)

 Christian McBride Bass, Composer

 Christian Sands Piano

Check out the track....

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