Monday, July 11, 2022

Danger Zone Type Of Business (Part Three)

 This is how it’s going down on this Monday morning or actually any time frame;  bear witness to the danger zone type of business!

Oh yeah, it’s going down from Buffalo to Uvalde Texas, from Highland Park Illinois to Ukraine; even in all points in between people are in pain!  that Brotha O-Zone will let you know what the deal is!

As I mentioned before local / national / international and intergalactic are the frontiers! 

Lights blinked on the instrument panel in the mothership, now it landed on earth but I wasn’t ready to fellowship with earthlings with their danger zone type of  business!

Lights were like a K-Mart Blue Lights Special they welcome you to the club, it’s always open it’s not closing time.

We’re in the heart of / in the midst of the chaos; insights? we’re out here in danger zone, it’s not where angels walk though; like Sade is it a crime? We’re in the heart of / in the midst of the chaos! damn! that infamous curse is here, but the time brings us closer. We’re coming together, it’s ludicrous that we accept this! peace? I can see it on the horizon it’s closer. 

In this danger zone? we had to do the knowledge while out in those streets! insights gained from losing lottery tickets, empty cigarette packs and liquor bottles! even the broken mirror was beneficial, it did its job. In broken reflections? we’re doing internal inspecting by being official, we’ll do the knowledge / we’ll investigate.. ..inner workings, knowing the infamous curse of doubt or depression will rob.. of blessings, out here in these danger zones naysayers are stressing so we’re changing before it’s too late.

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