Sunday, July 17, 2022

Danger Zone Type Of Business (Part Five)

 Even on this Sunday morning we’ll proceed and continue with these survival tactics per this danger zone type of business!

The system is still “buking and scorning” check the menu provided by hell’s kitchens, some of y’all know what the deal is!

Don’t get me wrong! life is beautiful, oh yes! but please believe me it has its moments.

Felt consternation, per Steve Miller “time keeps on ticking ticking into the future”; the clock is the opponent. We’re working it all out, we’ll keep rocking it but our we behind schedule? dreams I try to fulfill. But even though there’s hustle knocking there’s revelry per my accomplishments; check out our Sunday Jazz or even the O-Dog Day Party! now that’s the real deal!

Had to admit, things got way too real; mystic voyages were taken, out there in the galaxy, starlight covers us! did the James Webb Space Telescope stop us? we’re out here on the run.
A Band On The Run per Paul McCartney and Wings? per O-Dog Day Partying out there leaving trail that’s scented like spice rum? The danger zone business has us trying to get lost on purpose, we all yearn for freedom. Felt consternation, oh no! caught up in an unpleasant situation? someone shouts, we see them!

We see them and wouldn’t want to be them! they’ll get caught trying to leave this danger zone was also heard!

But we keep it moving, going on! refusing to be in this danger zone! O-Dizzle will weaponize the sound while O-Zone continues to drop this good word!

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