Sunday, July 31, 2022

Part Of A Bigger Plan: The Concept Is Revisited (Part Five)

 On this Sunday morning or actually any time you can catch us putting work in. 

This is all part of a bigger plan, that Brotha O-Zone? somebody will understand this breakbeat scientific work we’re putting in!

Diligence exhibited in this ongoing spiritual warfare, breakbeat scientific methods utilized when we jettison the wicked! Efficacious with blazing glory! dropping the beat plus using this good word to tell the story when we kick it.. ..or when we kick them and those to the curb; interlopers? they came in when the tide is high. Stopped at the entrance, refusing to let the arch nemesis on the premises! I asked them, but, but why?

“How You Do Dat Dere” like Young Bleed and Master P? I’m all about peace but jokers try to bum rush the spot like Trump insurrectionists!

Spies peeped at our bigger plan like the devil peeping at our future per the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville! plans for wrecking this?

Oh yes, disrespecting this! waiting in the dark with their own plan, nocturnal! out here swimming in moonlight.

Even the wannabe player thought he was the man when the mistress / daughter of chaos said devour me after dark! She had her own plan, hopefully he’s not seduced during the witching hour, 2-4 in the morning, overnight. Part Of A Bigger Plan? wildest dreams turn to nightmares, no peace due to a lark.

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