Saturday, July 9, 2022

Doing The Knowledge / Jumping and Recognizing (Part Ten)

 Even on this Saturday afternoon, you can catch us doing the knowledge / putting the work in!

This science dropped is appropriate for any time frame as we rebuke the ongoing mind game; it’s a hostile environment we’re working in!

I can see what they’re saying, they’re full of hate they don’t want us to be great! that presented so called  opportunity? oh, it wasn’t golden.

We’re jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern! soon we’re crossing bridges that burn, but beholding.. ..the beautiful struggle; mentioned by Talib Kweli so what will the deal be? while taking intergalactic journeys, spotting hopes on the stars? Mesmerizing promises soon offered per feeling the vibes, hopefully healing the scars!

Plus we’re doing the knowledge while sitting by the lakeside on Lakeshore Drive up in Chicago, at the seaport / Along The Watchtower per Jimi Hendrix?
Doing the knowledge jumping / recognizing; life / the sport? it’s defining thoughts that were once scattered now I exercise power, but naysayers told me to pump brakes like Bendix. Oh yeah! naysayers don’t like how the beats bump plus how the good word is dropped; I’m haunted by your words I was told. Oh yeah! these players already told jokers it’s rough out here; it’s a scary world is what they’re told.

You’ll have to be bold they were told; supreme courage and maximum strength is needed!

This world is cold even the temperature is rising, the devil and his advocates stay busy; progress is impeded!

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