Friday, July 29, 2022

Danger Zone Type Of Business (Part Ten)

 It’s a Fabulous Friday, I shouldn't have to tell you  it’s a blessing to be here so gratitude is shown. 

Flashback Friday business is also exhibited, reflecting on past events and episodes reminds me that we’re still in the danger zone. 

Once again it’s on! but when we’re trying to play it like Marvin Gaye and get it on endeavors were nullified! judges? they were rolling like the Supreme Court doing the Federalist Society’s bidding, we couldn’t sway.

Once again it’s on, danger zone type of business as usual! democracy? it seems it's still broken like yesterday! Can it be fixed? Maybe Tomorrow like the Jacksons, pondered while visiting 2300 Jackson Street up in Gary Indiana! society is not playing fair with a brotha escape routes studied, hijack a spaceship? No, too painstaking; even though on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts your dude is not faking! he’s finding another way to make it.

Breaking Bad, or even breaking north? doing the knowledge / doing the math, but if I could count? boy! I’d be dangerous!
I’d count the hours / days / years then set an alarm for that Donald Trump type of clown that’s scandalous! Just count the ways that a joker overstayed their welcome, posting up like a stray cat. A danger zone type of business handler, still broken like yesterday in so many ways! the elder over at the church said pray about that!

Once again it’s on so how will we play that? O-Zone will continue to get breakbeat scientific!

Flooding the danger zone from I-20 in Atlanta to your area with this good word and the good music, that’s how we’re dealing with it!

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