Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Journey (Part Three)

 On this Throwback Thursday? we’re taking Mystic Voyages like that classic jazz track by Roy Ayers; that brotha O-Dizzle even hooked up a version

It’s also a Thankful Thursday, for these players?  it’s a blessing to be here still taking these voyages / journeys based on being out on I-20 in Atlanta swerving!

Throwback Thursday / back in the day curb serving like old school hustlers and players? naw!! we let the hustlers hustle and the players play!! we're coming through dropping this breakbeat science as I continue on this journey!

It’s always been rough out here, even before this pandemic as I hear these Americans out here bitching and moaning but it’s on again; I’m like Joe Biden with these supposed low ratings, just trying to find somebody to work with me!

Throwback Thursday? coming through rocking a Washington Bullets Starter hat (they're now doing damage as the Wizards), plus a Reebok shirt and Reebok kicks, on this journey rummaging through the files / archives for memories aka digging in the crates. Check out how this work will be! blowing in like a blizzard!! dropping this good word and beats that knock in the lab / studio, we're rocking / weaponizing the sound in the ongoing spiritual warfare! my answer to ongoing debates!

Check out how this work will be on this journey, at this construction site these words and beats are hard like they’re made of stone. This is like a demolition derby! we’ll break through to the other side; once again it’s on!

No shady Kentucky Derby rendering like Medina Spirit and Bob Baffert but on this journey but I'm not baffled by it, I chilled up in Louisville so I know how this thing works!

On this journey? we’ll proceed and continue to do what we do it’s the real deal! this is how this thing works!

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