Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Journey (Part Four)

  Check us out as we proceed and continue to take this journey; per this Sunday morning? it’s a blessing!

Check us out, so who’ll work with me? the devil and his advocates will be stressing..

.. us; O-Dizzle mentioned no peace / justice when he dropped the episode at the podcast; “I guess a black can’t have no peace” was the chorus / refrain. 

What’s the dizzle? plans fizzle when you’re caught up in the system / matrix feeling the pain!

Oh yeah! feeling the pain! discouraged, naysayers told these players to listen to the  melody of  the bewitching hymn!

On this journey? soon mesmerized / caught in a trance, oh, the gloom! check the internal and external factors that’ll have us caught within! Oh! the arch nemesis is on the premises just when we’re trying to win / seeking the rainbows edge. Per the Wizard Of Oz, somewhere over there / way way out there per this journey, the pursuit of gold mode / mystic voyage / treasure hunt; soon caught out there on the ledge!

But we keep taking it there! the saga / struggle / journey continues! sync the different drum that we’re marching to with the rhythm of your mind was the advice from the DJ O-Dizzle!
Matching your heartbeat? a beautiful sound will play like this Sunday Jazz we'll get into later, it’ll be something you can feel though! But on this journey the reign begins with a drizzle! evil will prey, now we’re offbeat causing hysteria! On this journey? I guess it’s famine or feast, it’s rough out here! it shouldn’t be a mystery to you.

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