Thursday, November 4, 2021

All Up In The Spot: Damn! Here We Go Again! (Part Nine)

 We’re all up in the spot, gratitude is shown! per this Thankful Thursday? it’s a blessing to be here!

I keep telling y’all, as Throwback Thursday business is also handled I remember the time like Michael Jackson / I remember  being out there!

Not way way out there per my own public transportation / transformation but by systematic procedures that were implemented!

Some, which are still in affect today per systemic racism, one half of the twin pandemics..

..with Covid 19 being the other half, no theories needed about critical race like critical mass do  the math while on the path; a con game when used by shady politicians like Glenn Youngkin when all up in the spot!

Damn! here we go again! rebuking the so called new and improved methods for the latest scheme / plot!

All up in the spot? dude was going through it! saying I have lost all my relations and all my friends!

The cost of being out there in those streets, rolling with high technical 2.0 body snatchers? no ends.. episodes; so when we go into these breakbeat scientific modes security considers it hazardous material, now chasing trucks and cars that enter the gate. All up in the spot? what we have is spiritual, the O-Dog Podcast aka ghetto blaster will play per Throwback Thursday; bumping the soundtrack rebuking the hate. 

All up in the spot? I see what it do!! jokers still skate on thin ice affected by global warming!

Quitting / stopping? I think not! damn! here we go again! we’ll span the globe brainstorming!

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