Tuesday, November 2, 2021

All Up In The Spot: Damn! Here We Go Again! (Part Eight)

 It’s going down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

We’re all up in the spot trying to repel the scheme / plot by Joe Manchin types;  by now y’all should know how the devil and his advocates will play!

It’s like damn! here we go again! Let Us Pray is the strategy, plus Lord Help! Lord Help! the battle cry is utilized!

It’s like damn! here we go again! the apparatus will try to play us but we shouldn’t be surprised!

The press, politicians, corporate businessmen? these new type gangsters we’re mentioned previously by O-Dog at the podcast!

All up in the spot? a show of force is used, a lot of boisterous talk and then the guns blast!

All up in the spot? the episode went down, and then for a moment all is still.

Gunfire at the backwoods trailer up in Kentucky in the midst of a robbery, it was the home of gambling / meth and backwoods drug sales near the illegal alcohol still. The shot clock will expire! O-Zone mentioned the game was over!! pretend we’re dead was the advice given to the inhabitants; damn! dude thought, if only I said goodbye.. ..to my people that were victimized that late night / early morning; in a crimson golden dawn, morning sky.

All up in the spot? I keep mentioning “buking and scorning” going down on so many levels!

It’s like damn! here we go again! the drama is introduced by so many devils!

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