Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Journey (Part Seven)

 Check us out as we proceed and continue on this journey; I mentioned before we’re moving forward never backwards!

Previously soaking up Scorpio sun rays but we’ve moved on to Sagittarius season, seeing how that works!

Blue collar works will continue in this sport as we go forth with various ways and means of a breakbeat scientific nature!

You should know how it works on a Sunday morning, spiritual significance in the operation is exhibited it’s part of our nature. 

But due to human nature? in the darkness of daylight a Flashlight is needed. Parliament’s funk per Flashback Friday business or the journey of a confused player looking for it? out here drunk, on the meth or some are even weeded! Per the gardener or the street apothecary? not contrary to the street doctors belief, medicine prescribed for escape! Nancy Reagan warned ya back in the day but some stray out here on the journey with crawling eyes; hanging out, up too late?

Music playing on a Saturday night? on this journey chilling, listened to Tangerine Dream express Tangerine Hellos.

Next up? Sunday Jazz Continues checking out a jazz vocal or instrumental, oh! it’s elemental… …to easing my mind on this journey so it won’t blow, so the system won’t crash. Trying to ease my mind on this journey!! chased the dread and doldrums away, so decisions aren’t rash!

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