Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Journey (Part Five)

 The saga / struggle / journey continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on!

Tuesday aka Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is the time period, so named because things can go either way; a terrific outcome is claimed by O-Zone!

Once again it’s on, the journey is underway towards that terrific manifestation!

Once again it’s on! who’ll work with me? ignoring bogus / dubious polls concerning negative approval ratings like Biden and Harris narratives, trumped up by those that are hating, check the infestation!

Trump operatives up in the mix hating, so called stolen election debating; they weren’t wise to the set up!

Stumped by questions on the multiple choice test; meanwhile O-Zone continues on this journey / quest he can’t let up!

Like I said, on this journey some will be set up, they’re out on the edge; oh yes! did I hear a chorus of echoes from the cliff’s victim?

Kicked to the curb now his curse reverbs like a song, like O-Dizzle with the digital crate digging beats kicking? The appetite not curbed on this journey now the sentinel chased him; was he running from his past? “It ain’t right” society said! he tried to let go but it caught up with him; damn! life happens fast.

Check the insight and sound that’ll blast as we proceed and continue with this journey!

This is not a rehabilitation tour like Chris Christie as those with the drama will need to miss me, I know they can’t work with me!

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