Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Journey (Part Nine)

 Excuse us as we proceed and continue with this journey on this Sunday morning; it's a blessing to be here as  the saga / struggle continues. 

Excuse us as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; this good word and good music are on the menus. 

Rocking these venues, but drama is expected on this journey; dude with the axe or machete was like my homie up in Louisville / Newburg up by Turner's during the dispute; he promised a bloody good time!

Now we have drama that’s otherworldly; the ghosts will feast like this Thanksgiving holiday, one more time. Others are glad to be in the service one more time like Ricky Dillard but others are like Bone Thugs and Harmony with see you at the crossroads as the wind whispers goodbye; some are out here grieving.  
Others escaped the madness with the quickness, like the media bashing the Biden administration with the gloomy story? they contradict this, they kept on believing!

Others on this journey said the so called enemy was defeated; “we had a good game plan” So said the warmonger, but per domestic terrorism by white supremacists it seems the arch nemesis was on the premises growing stronger! endorsed by nefarious ones who said he’s a good man! Uphold the law? supposedly part of the plan but it was reinforcing the status quo; collateral damage aka casualties supposedly delectable. It gets old, saw coffee drunk, a peppermint needed for the bad breath after the boisterous talk / ego inflation? soon deflatable.

Circumstances are debatable on this journey; are we being built or torn down on this journey?

But we're still taking chances trying to manifest advances: so who’ll work with me?

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