Sunday, November 7, 2021

All Up In The Spot: Damn! Here We Go Again! (Part Ten)

 On this Sunday morning? you can catch us chilling out, all up in the spot! 

Damn! here we go again! the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; it doesn’t quit / stop!

O-Dizzle mentioned earlier the ongoing struggle wasn’t natural , like the earth, sun, water and air! Beneficial? those natural elements are! your dude is all up in the spot soaking it all in; therapeutic! it’s exhilarating! Detrimental? like the Trump Insurrection the devil was in the details due to the scheme / plot! I see so called love and the lies had some on pins and needles! Wasteful collaboration? corruption at the construction site / all up in the spot! doubts? feeding those!

No last minute heroics in the situation per Louisville players, Donovan Mitchell and Malik Cunningham come up short Saturday Night!

Rolling like stoics, basic! all up in the spot? took the Louisville Cardinal jersey out of rotation for a while until they get their minds right!

Saturday Night? chilling out all up in the spot, the autumn moon shadows ruled the midnight hour.

The night had a glow about it, just like outer space? could be, but minus the Taurid meteor shower! It’s still exhilarating, but while we're all up in the spot we're staying on point; my mind is active / alert. Some are hating; per the ongoing gun violence it's like damn!! here we go again!! fireworks go off at anytime; who’ll get hurt?

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