Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Two)

 Heavy equipment backs up; “beep beep beep” it goes as land is being cleared for commercial and residential developments here in the Atlanta area!

The earth is disturbed nature perturbed everything is knocked out of balance, check the mass hysteria!

Construction sites are like that as changes occur, change or be changed is the catch phrase!

Corruption incites metaphorical riots as capitalists try to capitalize; but that's  business as usual these days!

There goes the boredom, it left when haters started “buking and scorning”; per the HumpDay Extravaganza it was a sorrowful morning. The devil and his advocates scoring? things have changed per this coronavirus pandemic; it’s different world, per the increase in gun violence check the drama that’s unfurled; I told you some are scorning. They’re trying to conquer this world, check the reconstruction as a caravan of ghost ships approached with a high potency. …of evil, that we’ll see through! O-Zone is hip to the game or wise to the whole setup; truth? that’s where the oath will be!

Under construction or under corruption? check out how the quote will be after we ponder debatable circumstances; being built or torn down?

Waiting in the dark for further instructions as some wander out there where haters didn't turn the level of scorn down!

Its going down!!  from the Palestine where due to the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict rocks are thrown to Washington DC with a right wing Supreme Court  and state capitols with the voter suppression? check the corruption in government institutions, even  to Glenwood Road in Decatur.

...where weed, meth and rocks are thrown by big homie, prostitution from the little honey; whats really going on with evil influenced haters?

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