Monday, September 27, 2021

The Construction Site ( Part One)

 The structure was similar to the attacks on democracy, it eroded due to corruption; now it needs to be refurbished or remanufactured!

Whats up with it? due to the hypocrisy  the corruptions left minds, hearts, souls, and spirits fractured!

Suspects were captured, fall guys or collateral damage while others manage even though like crooked billionaires  they didn't render unto Caesar what was his.

… or didn't give God the glory per the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, so what's the story? we’re all under construction God is not through with us yet, per Music Monday,  Teena Marie mentioned Square Biz! 

As we go there!! handling our business before it handles us; were not trying to get in God’s way but we’re rocking the hard hat with the lantern on top plus the lime green safety vest, there’s no rest when you’re under construction.

As we go there!!! check out the construction site for freedom, so who’s ready to fight?  rising to the occasion, out from under the corruption.

No fear usually shown, but sometimes we wonder, is this the final gambit? Going on with our bad selves but I heard the voice of an angel, plus I caught her scent! Took a look around, damn! I’m the last one standing but the situation is grim!

Plus I noticed that a crook was around, felt the sideways glance from the wannabe gatekeeper but allowed to get on the train.

So we’re trying to maintain, but we’re not high maintenance like some of these homes and buildings!

The remote outpost is a humble site, hopefully not much construction is needed! it seems this breakbeat science is needed that’s why we’re all up in the building!

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