Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A Return On Our Investment (Part Three)

 Once again it’s on, check us out! another HumpDay Extravaganza is here!

Of course getting over the hump is the business, somebody should understand the Brotha O-Zone, he’s trying to take it there!

Oh yeah! we’re still out here with these remote outpost musings, looking for a return on our investment!

Time and money was spent but like the GOP with voter suppression the devil and his advocates will try to circumvent but the Lord will bless it! haters try to stress it; as I look into the shadows I keep hearing trapped sighs. Observing the scene, it’s far from serene! but by doing the math it’s enlightening like a lighthouse.. ..showing the way towards the light, now check out the forward movement... We’re looking for a return on our investment away from the darkness, hopefully towards some kind of improvement.

But waiting in the darkness was the movement from some of my constituents!

The hating will spark this, like Covid 19 vaccine misinformation now numbers increase due to the Delta Variant!

From Texas to Florida these jurisdictions “aren’t playing fair with it” on so many levels!

Complex? that’s how the sport is, we’ll have to work hard to get a return on our investment, especially dealing with so many devils!

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