Monday, September 20, 2021

Return On Our Investment (Part Eight)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us, we’re looking for a return on our investment so I guess it’s back to business as usual!

How Will We Play? of course by now y’all should know  we’re handling breakbeat scientific business as usual!

Last night was calm, Wild and Peaceful per Kool and The Gang? that would be strange but it’s not a preview.. the Pisces Harvest Full Moon that’s tonight, check the illumination / insight, will there be mischief? some are peeping game / doing the knowledge, they already knew.

Was a crisis expected by Security / the Night Watchman? per iPhones or Android, A Cellular Attack? Hackers or viral pathogens? what path are we on? per these Covid 19 variants it’s hard to keep track!

Slackers off the path again? it’ll be hard to get it on / get a return on our investment!

Plus hustle knocks are expected from these player haters / naysayers that’ll try to stress it.

The Fall Equinox a turning point / tipping point? some are shucking and jiving / slipping and sliding up in the joint!

We’re falling through doing what we do, we’re looking for a return on our investment while we’re all up in the joint..

..all up in the spot the temperature is still hot but it’s still a cold world!

Jokers will scheme / plot!! check it out / bear witness as the drama will unfurl..

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