Monday, September 6, 2021

A Return On Our Investment (Part Two)

 Hard work was put in even on this Monday Morning, plus time and money was spent; will there be return on our investment?

Appropriate question to be asked on this Labor Day Holiday; in the midst of the fray we’ll realize the Lord will bless it. 

What? this and that endeavor as long as it’s righteous and part of his will, so called movers and shakers will have to chill... the end of the day; karma will come into play, these veterans in the game that bring that Funkadelic Cosmic Slop know the deal!

My cosmic connections told me about the cosmic karma per a return on my investment, plus they provided encouragement telling me how the funk should go, plus they told me; ink your wish. The good word is soon provided in blue or black ink; the Hobby Lobby writing instrument had a poetic breath. A return on our investment? check the natural occurrence as silent echoes from the loose leaf cause an earthquake. No return on our investment? the final sojourn? No! Once Again It’s On! The sleepers we’ll awake!

Any return on our investment? like I mentioned before the Lord Will bless it but we’re being realistic; times are hard on the boulevard!

The devil and his advocates confessed it! they’ll try to throw more salt into the game, making it hard!

Oh yes! they’ll make it harder than it has to be like voter suppression by the GOP plus they’re low key attack on democracy!

But I'm not worried about them, they should worry about me!! expecting a return on our investment, we’ll rebuke the hypocrisy!

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