Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Return On Our Investment (Part Nine)

 We’re doing the knowledge like we’re in a boiler room, looking for a return on our investment!

We’re getting this HumpDay Extravaganza underway, jamming like we’re listening to Pete Rock up in the Boiler Room, check the Jackson State type Sonic Boom like it’s halftime, my constituents are blessed by it..

..especially after they’re stressed by it; that getting over the hump type of business is rough on everybody!

We’re all on the same page, looking for a return on our investment! isn’t everybody?

Time and money have been invested  plus the apparatus stressed it, even Joe Biden and the UN is meeting in New York to see what it do!

Check the hustle knocks from Jair Bolsonaro and other Brazilian representatives full of the coronavirus but we already knew!

Per this Fall Equinox we’re doing the knowledge hopefully for a future return on our investment!

What’s up y’all? O-Dog rocks bringing the Day Party while O-Zone drops these remote outpost musings; somebody will be blessed by it!

What’s up y’all? we’re just looking for a return on our investment, we’re dropping knowledge like the barbershop press! What’s up y’all? check out the ongoing chaos and mayhem from drive by shootings at Louisville bus stops to the disrespect at the Texas border shown Haitians; falling disagreements? now some harbor hatred. Those feelings are abundant, but per looking for a return on our investment I come from a different angle. Being redundant per forgiveness on my lips? that’s the deal with this but it’s strange to some.

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