Friday, September 24, 2021

Return On Our Investment (Part Ten)

 On this Flashback Friday we’re still doing the knowledge, looking for a return on our investment!

The Fabulous Friday vibe is also exhibited as we show gratitude for seeing another day, blessed by it!

Some of my constituents? stressed by it, a dude is sounding redundant by telling you it’s rough out here! 

We’re all trying to deal with it, frontline warriors / participants in the ongoing spiritual warfare!

But some try to deal with it per extreme measures, trying to "smoke something and drink something" per Mystikal ; all up in the pub taking medicine for sleeping scars.

A return on their investment? let the healing process begin! some of the scars are painful, others are friendly saying embrace us! take hold of the bars.. ..of the vehicle; soon they're integrated but the process is debated, the Velvet Fire runs / goes down smooth! Heartbroken the next morning; it's hated, not the return on the investment expected, what were we trying to prove?

No longer joking / shucking / jiving we’re alive again, we’ll show and prove after reflecting on past episodes per this Flashback Friday!

We’re going on / getting it in looking for a return on our investment, doing it our way!

Of course after we pray trying to stay on one accord with God and his will..

Par for the course these days it’s not odd, by now y’all should know the deal!

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