Friday, September 17, 2021

Return On Our Investment (Part Seven)

 We’re trying to play this like shady corporations, we’re looking for a ROI aka a return on our investment!

But we’re all about the truth, nothing shady! abort those operations we’re telling shade tree and bootleg mechanics with their shoddy workmanship that’ll try to stress it!

Check out what we’re working with; in the sport with this good word and the sound on this Fabulous Friday!

We’re also handling Flashback Friday business, looking for a return on our investment, retro futuristic is how we’ll play!

We’ll pray as we proceed and continue into the fray, per Flashback Friday there’s even a ceasefire with yesterday’s ghost! As we proceed and continue with this we’re seeking serenity, previously? out in the darkness we were all lost!

The arch nemesis on the premises blocking a return on our investment? fiendish when they dealt with us, elusive.. …plus they curse the light that had insight that was more than conducive!

We’ll swerve to the right and then to the left out here on I-20 in Atlanta then we’ll dip back to our remote outpost!

Check out these musings, not a damn thing is funny / amusing from coast to coast!

Actually, as we look for a return on our investment the frontiers are local / national / international / intergalactic! per Flashback Friday I reflect on dipping down Broadway and Muhammad Ali Blvd up in Louisville!

Even Ken Burns is doing the math, coming forth with the Muhammad Ali documentary supposedly the real deal!!

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