Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Alfa Mist - Keep On

Digital Crate Digging Continues check us out as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza segment!

We hit the ground O-Dog Day Partying earlier but check the mood change, we’ve got other work to do, can you dig it?

Priorities shifted the rude change the atmosphere like Hurricane Ida did blowing through the Southeast. 

Paradigm shift due to the winds of change blowing? in the midst of the ongoing proceedings we’re still going for what we’re knowing to say the least!

The rift was more than a Fortnite game, came forth to tell y’all it’s all game previously!

We come forth with this insight and the sound, Afternoon Jazzing can you feel me?

It's going down from London to here in Atlanta, we're coming through listening to Alfa Mist with a track called Keep On! 

Much respect to Dissbelief for pointing me in this direction! check out the players and the track to see what the deal will be! once again it’s on!


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