Thursday, September 2, 2021

A Return On Our Investment (Part One)

 Throwback Thursday thoughts? work was put in, so what were the repercussions?

Oh! I added my two cents, pennies for my thoughts? they’re accompanied by the percussions.  

Check the Wall Street type of discussions, we’re wondering about the ROI,  return on our investment!

What’s up y’all?  we're not trying to waste your time or mine!! Thankful Thursday business is also handled, this endeavor? the Lord blessed it!

The fire within was similar to the Caldor Fire out west, it fueled the ongoing mission. But TLC mentioned chasing Waterfalls and Daydreams were mentioned by Aretha Franklin. But some look for a return on their investment! validation was needed, instead of the deafening silence.. ..or the burn it all down philosophy, heard in the runaway whispers full of malice.

Homie said don't let me catch you out in these streets!!! now the old school Chevy Impala circles the block.

Now explosions are heard  like it’s ISIS K over in Afghanistan, its rough out in these streets!!  but not everybody in the circle will rock.

What’s the return on the investment? for that work? like Biden facing opposition for the Afghanistan withdrawal hustles get knocked like that door when a search warrant is executed.

That'll work said the shade tree mechanic; he had rope and duct tape to go along with the shoddy workmanship, plus security will tape it so the truth is not disputed!

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