Monday, March 29, 2021

Oh Yes! We’re Back With This! (Part Eight)

 Oh yes! we’re back with this on a Monday morning; might as well say it’s time to get down!

Some will be back on regular scheduled programming; schools opening and businesses will follow them supposed following CDC Covid 19 guidelines when they get down!

Can we get down Per Craig Mack as we holla back? we’re back with this one more time!

Doing justice with this like what George Floyd should get up in Minneapolis or will it be one more crime?

...against the family; contracts with America null and void like the Newt Gingrich one?

...then those jokers tried to make America great again but it failed leading to the Trump Insurrection!

Per Music Monday? beats will bump in your section while O-Zone will drop this good word per the internal and external inspection!!

We see how they're trying to play it, in the zone with chaos and confusion but I'm allergic to that, radars are on high alert for the detection!

Upset when we come back with it? an accident waiting to happen catalyst? trying to chill out on this Monday so we’ll see. But I can’t see! Saturday night / Sunday morning the old Buick’s low battery caused the busted beams of light to fail me.. ..on Georgia back roads here in the Atlanta area during the inclement weather almost like the Nashville flooding but a Brotha is back with this he did his thing dodging the I-75 bottleneck! Prayed and cursed, check the modes but told myself don’t believe the voices in your head!

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