Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Natural Progression (Part Nine)

 We’re trying to get this HumpDay Extravaganza underway; we’ll proceed and continue.

This is a natural progression check out the session as we drop this good word and the sound on the menu. 

We’ll rock the venues but we’re facing opposition like Biden’s agenda by GOP members of the senate.

The hustle knock continues but check the natural progression as we move towards a championship / pennant!

Check the March Madness business, it’s more than just hoops it’s Spring check the natural progression!

Check it out, we’re back with this! seeds planted by boots / troops on the ground for the The Conquest; check the session!

 Negativity in these feeds? naysayers were asking, you’re trying to plant what? in this state of desolation?

What will manifest? it’ll be a Harvest For the World like the Isley Brothers but it doesn’t surprise these brothers that some are trapped out here, check the situation.. Oh! We’ve got one but once again it’s on check the natural progression as we continue to move forward, knowing it’ll be a bumpy journey! But check out how we lunge forward then take two steps back; it won’t work for me!

Who’ll work with me? check the natural progression we’re making  a passage through the dark; while others were still waiting!

Who’ll work with me  as we make a passage through the dark aka Babylon wilderness?  we know what the deal is, we noticed these folk are still hating!

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