Sunday, March 14, 2021

Oh Yes! We’re Back With This! (Part Two)

 We’re back after a brief hiatus but check the sound! of course we'll continue to play this!

Sunday Jazz or Digital Crate Digging Continues check the menus to see how we’ll play it!  plus per writing this on a Sunday morning we’ll have to pray for this!

Oh yes! we’re back with this! still ambitious with the good fight but still not over the hump; like watching bank accounts for the latest stimulus check we’re still waiting. Oh yes! we’re back with this! living and learning per the woes whispering wisdom! The saga / struggle continues; spotted the ghost in the mirror, but Michael Jackson mentioned.. .. the man in the mirror; somewhat likable? now back with this / back by popular demand! I paid attention! back with this! Oh yeah!  we emerged out of the smoke and mirrors , surviving after all we’ve been through so now it’s like look at me now!

Oh yes!! we’re back with this! still literate it’s serious we didn’t joke , survival instinctive, the know how? ...along with why / what / when; snakes are in the grass but the Lord will bless per the Diplomatic Immunity; immune to the venom? Blue collar workable techniques are utilized that disguised our deranged ways! we’re admitting it, some couldn’t see them!

Who’ll worship a dollar? time is more valuable check out how we do!

Oh yes! We’re back with this spending our time getting breakbeat scientific! this is what it do!

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