Monday, March 1, 2021

Natural Progression (Part Eight)

 February transitions into March, consider it part of the natural progression.

Time keeps on ticking / ticking into the future per the Steve Miller Bands Fly Like An Eagle; check the session. 

Checked out the aggression, noticed that the crooked were animated! they’re down at CPAC showing false hope!

Checked out the aggression; they had plans for killing dreams; daffodils in the floral arrangement on graves of hope?

Per the natural progression we knew the deal! saw the foolish direction taken per being nostalgic! Something about MAGA, we see how they play we couldn’t chill, indignation will make some get foul with it!

Check out the natural progression as we’re out here Doing It Fluid like the Blackbyrds; we came back with that!!  phat and all that was the prognosis!

Check out the natural progression; we’re all up in the spot! we came with the antidote for lethal doses!

Who poses after the hot style makeover? per Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday? hooked up on the Oprah show before she went off the air!!

Who opposes the hostile takeover?  all up in the spot..time for the fake is over..a bruh hooked up hook lines and his own beats..O-Dizzle had to go there!!

Check out the natural progression the weekend break is over per this Monday morning; it’s time to get down!

Check out the session as the good word and good music is dropped; this is how we get down!

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