Monday, March 22, 2021

Progressions 03 | Deep Progressive House Set By Johnny M | 2021 | Anothe...

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we provide bonus coverage on this Music Monday!

The saga / struggle continues check the menus, it made us realize it’s on us to make a play.. the midst of the ongoing fray; while we were focused on this latest digital crate digging edition Trump and his folk were focused on sedition..

In the midst of the pandemic jokers were in Florida  trying to ball but it's easy to get injured like LaMelo Ball so how were they living? 

Reality? unforgiving but we keep fighting back  weaponizing  the sound; we're listening to Progressions 03 | Deep Progressive House Set By Johnny M | 2021..

Already mentioned Natural Progressions  but check out the playlist and the mix for these sessions; naysayers will say we're on one!!

01. ALPHA21 - Pasikudah (The Loco Remix) 00:00 02. IshaN D - The Arrival (Original Mix) 05:20 03. Stan Seba - Golden Times (Original Mix) 12:48 04. Michael Kortenhaus - Kontakt (Original Mix) 19:02 05. Luis Del Vecchio & J.P. Velardi - Person Of Interest (Federico Cabrera Remix) 23:08 06. Bynomic - They Are Coming Back (Original Mix) 28:57 07. Agustin Aluise - Collateral (Original Mix) 35:50 08. Ali Maher & Dylan Deck - Past Motion (Original Mix) 41:07 09. Xiasou & Contribute Translation - Lost In Clouds (Ricardo Piedra Remix) 46:56 10. Devin Jay - The Call Of Drone (Original Mix) 53:45


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