Monday, March 15, 2021

The Funky Deep House Sessions ♫ 2021

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we drop this on a Music Monday!

O-Dog Day Partying in the heart of this thing; we’re trying to boost the morale when we let the music play!

Checked the style: we see how some of these jokers play; products are defective like Astra Zeneca  vaccines over in Europe!

Checked the style: we’re going for broke when we drop this good word and let the music play; medicine for the fray? per Ashford and Simpson we found a cure for it!

We’re going for it, listening to The Funky Deep House Sessions ♫ 2021 courtesy of DJ Groove!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do this; somebody will say we’re on one but we're just in the groove!

01. Miguel Migs feat. Lisa Shaw - Moving Light 02. Kachina - A Girl Like Me (Salted Vocal) 03. Austins Groove - Take You There 04. Jack Roy - Instance 05. Discosteps - Variations 06. Andy Bach - Body Heat 07. Simon Adams & Max Millan - When He Comes 08. Tom Brownlow - Slippin Away 09. Mirko & Meex - Take My Love 10. Joshua Pathon - The Come On 11. Carolyn Harding, Kerri Chandler - Pick It Up (Sean McCabe Club Dub) 12. Ridney, Scott Diaz, Andy Joyce - Reachin' (Scott Diaz Vocal Dub) 13. Jay Funk, Tommie Cotton - Deep in the Night 14. Mike Millrain - Moonshine 15. Soledrifter - Need To Get Down 16. Sebb Junior - The Only One (Live Dub) 17. Mr. Moon - Love Affair (Jarred Gallo) 18. Teddy Black - Different Story 19. Deeplomatik - This Generation 20. Kinky Movement - Pushing On 21. Darren Giles - Love Me Like This 22. Discoslap - My Baby 23. Hunty Soundsystem - I Luv Muzik 24. Dompe - Space Mountain


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