Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Oh Yes!! We’re Back With This! (Part Three)

 We’re coming through with this on a so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Oh yes! We’re back with this! We’re moving forward claiming the terrific outcome / ready to make a play!

Back in the fray again! exciting the masses like Joe Biden with shots in arms / money in pockets!

Back in the fray again! Intergalactic! Moving with a high velocity  with the speed you need! futuristic like Spacely Space Sprockets!

...but also retro, some things I didn’t let go of; note  to myself? writing a letter like The Chi-Lites

We’re back with this rising like the Phoenix out of the Ruins, more like Rains of the Monastery? dropping these crying words / insights. We’re back with these poetic tears after a Brook Benton Rainy Night In Georgia! check the score, poetry didn’t betray me! We’re back after all the chaotic years! fourth grade teacher Ms Peters said “you can’t trust to luck” but I’m awestruck! blessed and highly favored! rough times? they didn’t slay me!

Oh yes! We’re back with this! Knowledge dropped? Oh yes! science is spoken up in this piece! if you can get your mind together come across to me...

We never quit / stopped  even though per Breonna Taylor and George Floyd  there’s no justice no peace for a brotha or sista but we’re  still trying to get it together! promises were made but I knew they would cost me...

Attitudes were copped but  they already lost me, I didn't join the company full of misery..

But it's not hard to tell,  that’s word from Nas..some of these jokers want to repeat history....

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